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NatAdo offers a reliable and friendly service. We offer a very personal service and ensure that each client is given the attention their case needs.

We working in partnership with all our clients, take time to listen to them and appreciate their particular needs and issues.


Everything about us is Client care. NatAdo Solicitors policy on client care is to:
agree with the client in advance the level of service they require

About Natado Solicitors

  • represent the client's interests and keep their information confidential
  • give clear legal advice that they can understand
  • ensure that the client understands the steps to be taken; the risk of
  • success or loss and the possible/likely costs involved
  • keep the client informed of progress as soon as developments occur
  • give the client the most accurate information possible about costs at all times
  • deal with client questions, return telephone calls and reply to letters promptly
  • only charge what has been agreed in advance

Over 70% of our business is the result of recommendations from previous and current clients, repeat business from those clients, or referrals from our extensive network of professional contacts.


We are transparent with all our dealings with our clients. We always discuss fees with our clients in advance, so that guidelines can be agreed. We maintain a fair and competitive fee structure.


We are aware that all the matters we advise on and handle are extremely sensitive. We ensure that everything you say to us and our advice to you will be in total confidence.