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The objectives and mission statements of the firm are as follows.

NatAdo solicitors

  • To provide the best level of legal services to all clients,upholding the high standards of legal practice as regulated by the Law Society of England and Wales.
  • The firm will strive to be a market leader in Immigration law. To deliver legal services to private clients and in due course expands to commercial concerns in the Borough of Lewisham and surrounding boroughs.
  • To generate and earn profit to enable the business to grow and by doing so providing the opportunity for employees to reach their personal goals.
  • To diversify when new and worthwhile opportunities arise outside the niche market.


NatAdo Solicitors policy on client care is to:

  • agree with the client in advance the level of service they require
  • represent the client's interests and keep their information confidential
  • give clear legal advice that they can understand
  • ensure that the client understands the steps to be taken;
    the risk of success or loss and the possible/likely costs involved
  • keep the client informed of progress as soon as developments occur
  • give the client the most accurate information possible about costs at all times
  • deal with client questions, return telephone calls and reply to letters promptly
  • only charge what has been agreed in advance.